The world we live in is a dynamic, interconnected series of regional environments, and the single most precious resource in all of them is…water. In fact, less than 1% of all the water on Earth is potable drinking water and the need to conserve water, to use it wisely and to protect Earth’s greatest natural resource has never been more important.

Carle Place, and indeed, most Long Island communities, draw water from a plentiful, sole source aquifer located right below our feet. Your Carle Place Water District goes above and beyond to make sure this wonderful aquifer remains as pure and as productive as possible. We endorse conservation as a means of ensuring sustainability for current and future generations. Here are ways that you can help the District help you and yours.

Seven Ways You Can Make A Difference!

  1. Avoid overwatering. It’s not good for your lawn. Lawns need only one inch of water per week (and that’s when it doesn’t rain). Let your grass grow longer. This promotes deeper root growth resulting in more drought-resistant lawns, reduced evaporation and fewer weeds.
  2. Cut back water usage in summer months. Typically, between May and September, water demand skyrockets over 300%, much of it due to poorly managed irrigation! This puts undue stress on our delivery systems. Install a Smart Irrigation Controller and become part of the solution.
  3. Observe watering ordinances. Nassau County regulations are in place for good reasons and apply to automatic and time-controlled sprinkler systems as well as to manually operated hose sprinkling. Follow the rules:
    • No watering 10 a.m. through 4 p.m.
    • Even numbered houses: Water ONLY on even numbered calendar days.
    • Odd numbered houses: Water ONLY on odd numbered calendar days.
    • Homes without numbers:  Water ONLY on even numbered calendar days.
  4. Fix small drips before they become major leaks. A spigot left partially open can waste thousands of gallons of water in just a few weeks. Always inspect and fix outside spigots and hoses. Check inside faucets periodically, including seldom used ones such as utility sinks. Replace worn washers in faucets and showerheads.
  5. Check all toilets regularly. How much water can a leaky toilet waste? Up to 20,000 gallons a month! It pays to fix them, and if you have older toilets, you’ll be amazed at the water savings of new high efficiency models.
  6. Try xeriscaping! This method promotes water conservation in landscaped areas. It includes replacing grassy lawns with soil, rocks, mulch and drought-tolerant native plant species. When you plan spring and summer plantings, consider the benefits of rewilding and let nature take its course. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful your property can look!
  7. Water knowledge is water power. Get the power! The Carle Place Board of Water Commissioners believes that good water citizenship is best achieved through education. We will continue to reach out to our public through newsletters, our new website and helpful hints you find in your water bills.

And the following are all excellent choices to broaden your understanding of water production and distribution. On their websites you can learn more about water conservation and sustainability practices and what you can do as a concerned citizen. We encourage everyone to explore these resources fully.