About The Carle Place Water District

The Carle Place Water District has been maintaining and delivering an uninterrupted supply of the highest quality water to customers since 1915.  Our water supply continues to meet or exceed the mandated requirements set by federal, state and local regulatory agencies.

Our water is distributed through a combination of five deep underground wells and approximately 35 miles of water mains. The Board of Commissioners, administrative and field staff strive to continue the safeguarding and implementation of new technology that will ensure your water is of the highest quality. The professionals of the Carle Place Water District will continue to be as receptive, transparent and dedicated to the needs of our residents as we have been since our inception.

We ask that our consumers join us in helping preserve and protect our most precious resource by promoting conservation and intelligent water use for the present and for long-term sustainability, and we thank all of our consumers for their patience and understanding as we continue to work towards upgrading and improving our water system.